Since 1955 we monitor every step of the process with great care to guarantee the nutritional and organoleptic properties of  ”Agape” olive oil.

The final result and the final quality of the oil depends on several factors :

  1. Good pruning and good watering of olive trees;

  2. The right harvest: since olives are picked for processing into oil, the degree of ripeness matters. All olives start out green and then gradually become rosy and finally black: the earlier we harvest, the more poliphenols are in the oil, the bitter and more fruity the taste. As the olives mature, the flavour mellows and the healthy properties of the oil gets lower ;

  3. The technique of the harvest  which has to keep the olives unbruised;

  4. Storing fresh olives in fresh, shallow and ventilated crates;

  5. Processing the olives within 24 hours after the harvest ;

  6. The extraction process has to be done in a clean and oxygenless environment, to avoid the oxidation process. This is the reason why the modern three or two phases oil decanter is preferred to the traditional method made by millstones and presses.

  7. The storage of the olive oil has to avoid heat, light and air.